Why More Healthcare Organizations Are Investing in Top-Notch Security Systems

The healthcare sector was shaken when Community Health Systems was breached. This came as the FBI issued warnings regarding the increasing security vulnerability of healthcare organizations. As a result, many industry executives are changing their approach to security within their organizations.

Today, these executives are demanding to hear the specifics of security solutions for healthcare whenever a firm that provides healthcare IT security approaches them. It is no longer enough to talk vaguely about security solutions you can offer; to land that contract, you must know exactly what you can do for a given healthcare organization that another healthcare IT firm can't.

Healthcare organizations particularly vulnerable

There are certain circumstances that make healthcare institutions particularly vulnerable to security breaches. Firstly, they house intellectual property, a lucrative target for any hacker. Secondly, they house payment and personal health information, another irresistible target for hackers.

Add this to the fact that most people who work in healthcare organizations have little interest in technology; all they want is to see someone who walked in sick and frail leave hopeful and feeling better. This combination is explosive and often creates security fault lines in a healthcare organization.

As payers, providers, patients, partners and employees interact in the system through shared analytics, transparency and data, hackers see ways they can take advantage of the errors and possible losses that can happen in such a system.

Theft and loss a major contributor of healthcare breaches

A 2014 Verizon report on data breaches shows that 46% of all the breaches that take place in healthcare institutions happen through loss or theft. This percentage is the highest for any industry where a breach is attributed to theft or loss.

What this means is, with a more security-centered approach to operations, most healthcare institutions can significantly bring down the incidences of security breaches. Healthcare industry executives must prioritize security policies and put in place real safeguards that can keep all their systems secure.