LaunchPad CMS
Marketing Teams Rejoice! 'Now
we can write & edit copy at any
time without having to bother IT!'
-Lauren H.
LaunchPad CMS
With Launchpad, we can control SEO elements without having to deal with code and computer languages! -David R.
LaunchPad CMS

Focus on Marketing Copy NOT Website Mechanics!

LaunchPad CMS is a fully Customizable Content Management System for business websites. You can manage the content in your website instead of calling your Information Technology department.

Easy to Use Business Software

We built LaunchPad CMS understanding that content management systems shouldn’t force websites and business rules to conform to an application. Business software should adapt to your business, business rules and work flow.

Customized to Your Style Guide

The software application is a customizable content management system or CCMS. Our component based system conforms to any website and layout. However your site is designed, LaunchPad CMS integrates well and maintains the look and feel of the site. The easy-to-use toolbar for modifying and building pages is customized to your style guide. This means that no matter how many users edit or author the site, the visual look of the site stays consistent. Fonts, colors, and detailed formatting choices tailor the application to your site.

LaunchPad Blog

Ideal Sharepoint Customization

There are very few businesses who do not customize SharePoint. In fact, SharePoint is an amazing platform, however in order to make the most out of it every company and business needs at least some customization. Customization can of varying degree of difficulty starting from menu configurations upon setup and all the way up to server code alterations. Read more